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Independent Representatives

As fully independent Representatives, we at Yatra Wealth Design  have partnerships with many investment investment management firms AND smaller boutique firms (while most financial advisors are limited to the firm they work for or just a few options).

This independence enables us to create the best portfolios and strategies that fit your comfort level with risk and your long-term financial plan.

These partners also provide an immense amount of research and information around investment management. This helps us make appropriate and timely adjustments to your investments over time as the markets change, or your goals and objectives change.

Some of our go-to partners include:

BlackRock Logo Image


Investment Teams


Products across ETFs,
funds and more


Assets under

Access to Aladdin – BlackRock’s proprietary risk management engine 

Powered by
1,500+ engineers,
500+ data scientists and
200+ financial modelers.

Helped the United States
government understand the
risks in billions of dollars of toxic
assets during Great Recession.

Relied on by 250 of
the world’s largest
financial institutions.

Able to assess 3k+ risk factors.  Aladdin helps measure the impact of decisions, quantify risks and identify performance drivers.  It allows us to look beyond the initial layer of holdings to understand the true risk exposures of each portfolio.

StateStreet Logo Image

By the Numbers


Assets under management


Global Institutional Clients


DC Participants


Countries with clients


Investment Centers


Global trading capability

Griffin Capital

Expertise in Commercial Real-Estate Investments

+ Many other great firms!

Our clients assets are typically custodied (held) at TD Ameritrade Institutional. This keeps the money safe and secure from fraud or theft.

TD Ameritrade Institutional Logo Image 2


Total client assets


Funded client accounts


of advocacy
supporting fiduciary advisors that work in your best interest


Volunteer hours
in the community over the past 5 years

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