ross atefi

Ross Atefi


“I fell in love with this career; the positive impact we have on our client’s lives is truly amazing. I am beyond honored by the trust my clients place in me. I truly enjoy both the relationship and analytical aspects of financial planning / wealth design and every day is fun. My dedication to improving my client’s financial lives is unwavering.”

Ross started his career in Financial Planning in 2010 as an intern. Then started his practice in 2012 and partnered with Lincoln Financial Advisors.

Determined to be in the best position possible to provide the highest quality financial planning and investment management to his clients, he left Lincoln in 2019 to start an independent practice partnered with Belpointe Wealth Management.

Through this transition from Lincoln to Belpointe, he kept 98% of his clients due to their satisfaction and trust.

Also in 2019, Ross went on a Yatra (a sacred journey) through the Himalayan Mountains in India. Inspired by the journey, he named his practice ‘Yatra Wealth Design’.

Ross takes great joy in guiding his clients through their sacred journeys in life.